Undergraduate Programs Overview

Nutritional Sciences (NUSC) majors study the relationship between food and health.  They integrate knowledge of the use of foods and nutrients by cells, individuals, and communities to promote optimal health and treatment of disease. The Department offers three tracks, i.e., Nutrition, Health, and Disease PreventionDidactic Program in Dietetics (DPD), and Pre-Medical Profession, through which students can obtain their Bachelors of Science Degree in Nutritional Sciences.

Students Working Together

The department has been educating undergraduate students since 1970.  Each student has the opportunity for personal growth through the balance of strong academic programs, independent studies, field experiences, and fort hose who meet the requirements, the department’s Honors Program. Students are encouraged to develop team building and leadership skills by participating in student organizations such as the department’s Nutrition Club, independent studies, and field experiences.
Students not admitted to the University as Nutritional Sciences majors may petition into this major. The following requirements must be met for consideration of transfer into the Nutritional Sciences major:
    1. Earned at least a C in CHEM 1124Q or CHEM 1127Q
    2. Earned at least a B in NUSC 1165



Students who are interested in transferring to Nutritional Sciences majors can contact the Undergraduate Program Director Dr. Rhonda Brownbill for any questions related to our undergraduate programs.