Food and Health Sciences Track

Students Working Together
Nutrition is a broad field that ranges from molecular research on the mechanism of action of nutrients to public policy questions related to how best to deal with hunger in underserved populations. The Food and Health Sciences track includes the basic science courses required to understand nutrition, together with the core nutrition courses, and then leaves students space in their curriculum to add further courses in their own particular area of interest. Those attracted by basic mechanistic research might include additional Molecular and Cell Biology courses, while those focused more on community approaches might add social science courses, such as Anthropology or Sociology. Students entering the major will automatically be assumed to be in this track, unless they elect to join the Didactic Program in Dietetics or the Pre-Medical Profession track. Because of its flexibility, it also suits students who transfer into the major relatively late in their undergraduate career. This track may lead to a career in academia, government, community nutrition and public health agencies, and the food, dietary supplement or pharmaceutical industries. Recommended Course Sequence for the Food and Health Sciences Track