Metabolic Phenotyping Facility

The Facility & Equipment

The Department of Nutritional Sciences provides service to internal and external users for the equipment in the Metabolic Phenotyping Facility as part of the Center for Open Research Resources & Equipment at UConn. The equipment for the service is located in either Advanced Technology Lab, Agricultural Biotechnology Lab, or R.E. Jones building. Below is a list of equipment, location and usage.

    • CLAMS (ABL animal facility 149): Metabolic cages (Oxymax CLAMS) are used in awake mice to measure energy expenditure, physical activity, and food intake. The experiment non-invasively measures O2 consumption and COproduction in individual mice using metabolic chambers and calculates the respiratory exchange ratio to reflect energy expenditure. Normally, mice are put in a CLAMS metabolic cage for 3 days.
    • EchoMRI-100 (ABL animal facility 149): This equipment is a body composition analyzer for small animals (body weight <100 g) that can measure whole-body fat, lean, free water, and total water masses in live animals.
    • Seahorse XFe24 analyzer (ATL 220): This analyzer determines rates of cellular energy metabolism, e.g., glycolysis and mitochondrial respiration.
    • Luminex MAGPIX for cytokine array (ATL 203): This equipment is to measure cytokines, chemokines, and hormones in plasma/serum samples.
    • Cobas clinical chemistry analyzer (Jones 117): This analyzer measures common clinical chemistry in human and animal blood samples.

Information about rates is available here.

For questions about rates and service arrangements, please contact Dr. Young-Ki Park.

From left, Professor Young-Ki Park, undergraduate student William Odell, graduate student Olivia Corvino.

Metabolic Phenotyping Facility Offers University-Wide Technology Services, Expertise

Metabolic Phenotyping Facility Offers University-Wide Technology Services, Expertise