NUSC Seminar Series

Spring 2024

Seminar Series will be held on Fridays from 11:10 am-12:10 pm in Jones 219. Refreshments will be served from 10:45 am. The seminar may be joined virtually via this Webex link. There are more options to join down below.

Date Speaker and Topic
Jan 19th Spring 2024 – Graduate Student Meeting with Dr. Ji-Young Lee, Professor and Head of Department of Nutritional Sciences
Jan 26th Dr. Georgia Zarkada, Assistant Professor, Physiology and Neurobiology, UConn: “Regulation of lipid absorption by intestinal lymphatics”
Feb 2 Dr. Bruce Hamaker, Distinguished Professor of Food Science, Purdue  University: “Promoting nutrition security through community-centered action”
Feb 9 Dr. Erin Quann, Head of Medical Affairs for Gerber/Nestle (virtual seminar):
“Navigating Paths Less Traveled in Nutrition Jobs: A UConn Alumni’s Journey”
Feb 16 Dr. Steven Szczepanek, Associate Professor, Pathobiology, UConn: “The Role of
Dysregulated Neutrophilia in Severe Mycoplasma pneumoniae Infection.”
Feb 23 Dr. Cody Smith, Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences, UConn: “Pulmonary lipids, inflammation, and ozone toxicity”
Mar 1 Olivia Corvino, NUSC Graduate Student, Prospectus Defense: “The role of histone deacetylase 9 in inflammation and metabolic dysfunction”
Mar 8 Dr. Burcu Beykal, Assistant Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, UConn: “Leveraging Machine Learning and Mathematical Optimization for Food-Energy-Water Nexus & Environmental Modeling”
Mar 15 Spring Break; No seminar
Mar 22 Dr. Nathan Woods, Instructor, Yale School of Medicine: “Culinary Medicine and the Future of Nutrition Education for Patients and Providers”
Mar 29 Dr. Michael Wiederoder, Strategic Integrator – Combat Feeding Division
U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) Soldier Center, Natick, MA: Overview of the US Army DEVCOM Soldier Center Combat Feeding Division research program
Apr 5 Dr. Min-Hyun Kim, Assistant Professor, Arizona State University: “Molecular
Perspectives on Epigenetic Modification in Leptin Resistance and Obesity”
Apr 12 No seminar
Apr 19 Dr. LaToya O’Neal, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, University of
Florida: “Risks and Resources: Social Determinants of Cardiometabolic Health among U.S. Adults”
Apr 26 Sunni Chen, NUSC Graduate Student: “Microalgae: A Key Foundation for Achieving Sustainability in Today’s Society”

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