Research is a core mission area for the Department of Nutritional Sciences. Our award-winning faculty have research projects focused on a wide range of basic and applied approaches, including molecular nutrition, nutritional biochemistry, nutritional immunology, public nutrition, community nutrition, and nanotechnology for biodelivery of nutrient and non-nutrient bioactives. 

Research Topics

Faculty are exploring a wide-range of research topics to address the nutrition and health challenges our populations are facing.

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Faculty Research

Learn more about the breakthrough research our faculty is conducting.

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Facilities and Equipment

The Department of Nutritional Sciences has excellent facilities for the training of graduate students. Our laboratories contain a full range of equipment for molecular and metabolic research, as well as facilities for tissue culture and human metabolic studies. The University Center for Open Research Resources & Equipment (COR2E) offers a wide range of state-of-the-art support services for innovative research.

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We offer a Metabolic Phenotyping Facility. The equipment available and associated fees are available on our website.


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Seminar Series

Join us for our weekly seminar series held during the academic year for updates and insights on the latest research and outreach.


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