Graduate Courses

NUSC 5100: Concepts of Nutrition
NUSC 5200: Macronutrient Metabolism
NUSC 5280: US Food Laws and Regulation
NUSC 5300: Vitamins and Minerals
NUSC 5312: Assessment of Nutritional Status
NUSC 5319: Nutrition Research Methods in Clinical and Population Studies
NUSC 5314: Nutrition for Healthy Communities
NUSC 5325: Principles of Nutritional Assessment
NUSC 5394: Seminar
NUSC 5399: Independent Study
NUSC 5400: Molecular Techniques
NUSC 5410: Clinical Nutrition
NUSC 5500: Food Colloids and Nanotechnology
NUSC 5600: Pathophysiology of Metabolic Diseases
NUSC 5700: Precision Nutrition
NUSC 6311: Regulation of Food Intake and Energy Balance
NUSC 6313: Nutrition and Gene Expression
NUSC 6315: Lipid Metabolism in Health and Disease
NUSC 6317: Nutrition Epidemiology
NUSC 6410: Advanced Clinical Nutrition