Expedited BS/MS Program (4+1 Program)

Earn BS/MS Degrees in 5 Years

The department offers an accelerated 4+1 program that enables highly motivated and capable students to gain both BS and MS degrees in 5 years. This program open to all students but works particularly well for those who bring in relevant Advanced Placement or Early College Experience credits from high school. Taking required undergraduate courses ahead of schedule opens up space in the senior year to include graduate coursework, allowing completion of all MS requirements in one additional year.

Students who are interested in the Nutritional Sciences 4+1 program are encouraged to discuss this route with their advisors in the early sophomore year, and they should apply for the program in the spring of the junior year. GRE score is not required for this program when students enter the graduate portion of this programApplication and program requirements are available here.

Recommended course sequences for the students in each Nutritional Sciences undergraduate track who want to pursue the 4+1 program are available below.

Students can select either Plan A (thesis) or Plan B (non-thesis) options for the MS degree.

    • The Plan A option works well for Honors students (although not necessary), who can build upon their Honors research work to construct an MS thesis. Students in this option may have an opportunity to receive a teaching or a research assistantship that comes with a full tuition waiver and a stipend.
    • Students with an interest in dietetics can stay an extra year and complete the Plan B MS degree with coursework, prior to applying for a Dietetic Internship. From 2024, an MS degree will be required to sit for the Registered Dietitian credentialing exam. Scholarships are available on a competitive basis for the students who take this option.

Click here for Instruction and Form to apply for the Nutritional Sciences 4+1 program. To apply, please submit the completed application form and other required documents to Dr. Yangchao Luo.