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UConn students in Gampel Pavilion for annual fall career fair
UConn students gather in Gampel Pavilion for the annual fall career fair, a chance for students to establish connections and learn more about work in their field from company representatives. Oct. 5, 2016. (Garrett Spahn/UConn Photo)

What can I do with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Nutritional Sciences?

What a bachelor's in nutritional sciences provides

Nutrition has a wide spectrum of application in the world today. The following are some areas where nutrition serves as either primary or preparatory education:
    • Dietetics, including clinical nutrition, community nutrition, nutrition education, food service management, business, and media
    • Medicine and other related health professions requiring a solid background in the sciences and general humanities
    • Food industry and Dietary Supplement Industry, including product development,¬†entrepreneurism, management, and research
    • Nutrition education, teaching both at an academic level as well as through community outreach programs
    • Health and human services, serving cities and communities through food-related organizations or programs
    • International nutrition, working with nutrition issues related to hunger, food policy, and food safety in third-world countries
    • Nutritional research, incorporating knowledge from disciplines such as chemistry, biology, genetics, physiology, psychology, and sociology

What can I do with an MS or Ph.D. Degree in Nutritional Sciences?

The following are selected examples of positions held by recent advanced degree graduates of our department:
    • Academia: Tenure track faculty positions at the University of North Carolina, the University of Rhode Island, The University of Georgia, Arizona State University and Springfield College plus post-doctoral positions in prestigious institutions including Harvard Medical School, Yale University, Linus Pauling Institute, University of Texas¬†Southwestern Medical Center.
    • Health Care Industries: Director of Nutritional Services, Dietitian – Private Practice, Hospital or other Health Care Facility, Nutrition Education, Food Service, Outpatient Nutrition Services, Research, Administration.
    • Government: Nutritionist – State Department of Health, Nutrition Educator – State Department of Education, WIC Director, School Nutritionist, Nutrition Education and Training, Nutrition Policy and Planning, Research, Administration.
    • Food Industry and Dietary Supplement Industry: Product Development, Quality Control, Marketing and Sales, Scientist/Research Specialist, Administration, Production Management, Production/Owner and Operator.